Explorers of Varisia

Marching Orders
The Explorers find the garrison at Melfesh readying for war

12 Erastus 4710 AR

After several forays into the Fenwall River Delta exploring the boundaries of the City of Stilts the Explores decide they need to regroup and return to Melfesh. As they reach the mouth of the Yondabakari River the Explorers and their Sczarni crew see dozens of small houseboats, rafts, & barges spread out along the shores of Lake Syrantula. It seems the whole of the impromptu Flotilla district has been expelled from the city. Vitale, Portia, & Vito Barbasti beg their Patrons to find out whats happening by seeking out their family head, Madame Zia Barbasti. The Explores find the Stardancer, a shallow currach with a Varsisan vardo placed atop it, a most ungraceful craft belying it’s name.

Aboard the Stardancer the ancient Madam Zia Barbasti greets the Explorers, notably the ascetic Thorvin Silentread, rescuer of her grandniece Portia. The Sczarni matriarch explains the recent events in the realm. Among the most notable the War Chieftain Thousand Bones of the Shoanti Sklar-Quah was assassinated on the road from Korvosa to Kaer Maga. His retinue was maimed and his head taken preventing all but the most powerful of magics of reviving him or revealing the murderer. In retaliation several small hamlets and farms between the village of Sirathu and Abken were razed and burned. Abken itself, a peaceful farming commune, was visited the most horrific of retributions. A Black Skull, a powerful cursed necromantic relic of the Everwars, was unleashed upon the unsuspecting village. Refugees still streamed into Melfesh for protection. The garrison was ordered to march to the village but its response has been hindered as Major Crispin was thought a deserter & defector to Magnimar. To quickly bring order to the Kingdom, former General Oerik Vancaskerin assumed the mantle of Governor-General. One of the first decrees the Governor-General made was to disperse the Flotilla along the docks. In the ensuing roundup Anatoly Barbasti was taken into custody trying to bribe his usual connections.

Madame Zia consulted her Harrow deck and provided a reading for the Explorers forseeing a powerful destructive force at work behind the troubling events, one that the heroes may be able to stop. But it is also a power that may nearly break their will and the struggle could topple the prevailing order in Varisia.

The Explorers quickly agreed that Major Crispin needed to get back and they needed to speak with their Patron, and perhaps rescue Anatoly. Escorted to the Barbican the first thing they noticed was the Hellknight presence in the fortress. Speaking first to the Chaplain of Abadar, they were soon ushered in to see now Governor-General Vancaskerin & Korvosan Guard Captain Marcellanus Wintrish. Major Crispin pleaded his case, backed by the accounts of the Explorers. Vancaskerin placed Major Crispin back in command of his Marines, but cited Korvosan Law that until a proper military tribunal could decide on the case, governance of the city and the garrison would remain under his control.

Walking out through the open parade grounds the Explorers are observed by the Hellknight signifier Dendrane, an open devotee of Asmodeus. Now in charge of the customs duties on the river he agrees to allow Hykak and Dolgrin down to see Anatoly Barbasti in the dungeons of the Barbican. While questioned by the pair the Barbasti headman tries to pass on a message for his smuggling ring to “move the black shipment.” This leads the group, after passing some time at the Three Thirsty Stirges, to track down the sczarni river pilot Vito. Heading to an address he gave them to meet at in a few days as he fenced their loot, they find another of the Barbasti money making schemes in action… a pit fighting ring. To pass the time waiting for Vito to come collect the nights take, Hykak & Dolgrin bet themselves agains the nights final fighters a Giant Mantis and Monstrous Scorpion! Halfway into the fight a squad of Hellknights break into the warehouse subduing attendants. The sczarni quickly fight back against the heavily armed riot squad. Their bagman tries to slip away by jumping into the fighting pit but falls badly wrenching his knee. Seeing an alternate route out the Explorers make a fighting retreat to a rain soaked sewer outlet that leads to the river… where the meet Vito waiting in a rowboat, the shrewd smuggler already well aware of the raid. He tells the group that they were duped by the Hellknight signifier Dendrane. Anatoly was charmed and used them to expose another piece of the Barbasti’s dealings in Melfesh. Vito encourraged them to get out of town before the Hellkinghts scooped them up for questioning and wait for him to get their loot sold.

The City of Stilts
In the city of sodden stones, o'er dark waters strewn with bones, Explorers take heed, beware, lest you fall to the warriors prayer
5 Erastus 4710 AR…

While seeking the ruined City of Stilts the Explorers ran afoul of the machinations of Melfesh’s least admirable merchant – Raefello of the Quill & Compass. Attempting to procure a map of the swampy delta where the ruins lie the PC’s get caught between a smuggling deal gone bad between the local Sczarni crime family and the shifty merchant. Intervening, as only adventurers are wont to do, leads to the death of one brother, the rescue of a sister, & the possible Vendetta of an entire crime family!

Negotiating a deal with the Barbastis to include them in some of the possible treasure found in the ruined city the Explorers & the Barbasti siblings set out across Lake Syrantula. Exploring the delta is dangerous work and the Explorers suffer from heat exhaustion, attacks from carnivorous plants, & overcome a clan of hideous ogre-kin moonshiners. Claiming the degenerates booze making equipment the Explorers uncover an obsidian disk carved with pictograms and runes upon which is written a warrior’s prayer, roughly translated, “We who are about to die salute you!”

6 Erasus 4710 AR…

After fending off an ambush of goblin snipers the Explorers slogged their way into the thickets of the delta tracking the fleeing goblins. Several hours of wading through cold drizzle and muddy streams brought them upon the goblins lair, a stone colossus. The lonely watchtower was covered in creeping vines and listed to the side. Sneaking up to the tower during a downpour the Explorers eluded the goblins until the rushed the towers base. Within the base a pair of kennel masters loosed mangy goblin dogs on the explorers while archers took potshots from the towers murderholes. Breaching the tower found the goblins behind a ramshackle barricade of an upended table. Tossing tanglefoot bags the goblins stalled the party giving the rest of the tower time to mobilize… but even the strange goblin naga leading the tribe couldn’t stand up to the adventurers. One craven cur surrendered giving up all the treasures of its tribe for its rotten hide.

7 Erastus 4710 AR…

Tracking the “freed” goblin leads the Explorers through the accursed Yellow moor where they run afoul of goblin musk creeper zombies and the mind controling plants. Taking the long way around the deadly moor the Explorers run into the grig wanderer Tangwystl who befriends them & carries an important message to the Sczarni bargemaster Vito telling him their plans to continue west. The Explorers tresspass through the territory of the Worg Howl-of-the-North-Wind where they free a captive thief by the name of Clef Rander. Clef was abducted in his sleep aboard a ship from Magnimar sailing to Melfesh. Bound & gagged he was sold to the Worg and it’s goblin minions, most likely as a future meal. Also found was a Masterfully crafted shield being the symbol of the Sable Marines and a pack belonging to one Major Braccius Crispin.

Eventually the Explorers cross the Delta and reach a small lake dotted with numerous shipwrecks & an isle with an ancient stone monument. Conjuring a Swan Ship from a feather token taken from the evil shopkeep Raefello the Explorers reach the stone cliffs of the isle. Jumping into the water to climb the crude stone stairs up the cliff they are beset by ghoulish drowned sailors who’s touch and foul bite can paralyze the body and inflict a consuming fever. Reaching the top of the isle the band spots a crude hut made of cast off ships debris near the stone monument covered in statues of warriors in ornate monstous armor.

Approaching the shanty the hear ghostly voices and are distracted by a glowing figure that dances away from them. The Spellcasters of the group save the overly curious gnomish druid ignore the illusions for what they are and concentrate on the monument finding passage beneath the isle. Both gnomes decide to investigate the grisly huts interior finding a butchered halfling stewing in a bubbling cauldron but also a concealed trapdoor and staircase! The half-orc Fighter Hykak Williamson and dwarven Forge-priest Dolgrin Ironbeardenter the stone monument, followed with some trepidation by the half-elven Thief Clef Rander. Both groups soon run afoul of the monuments skeletal guardians. As they fight the skeletal warriors they are accosted by an invisible foe who sends clouds of stinking swamp gas among them as the struggle with the immune undead. Slaying the guardians, the Explorers find the main chamber of the complex has opened into a natural cave where a terrible oozing cube of immense size attempts to engulf them while they are assaulted by mutant face sucking arthropods. Defeating the dumb creatures proves simple but once again the invisible enemy attepts to trap them in the cave by activating the ancient stone mechanisms of the isle. After a cat & mouse battle the Hag is defeated. The Explorers survive several cunning stone traps, attack a hideous harpy and destroy several more drowned sailors. They also rescue the weakened, paralyzed, & fever ridden Major Crispin before he can be sent upriver to the “Eater of Fear” the ruler of the City of Stilts.

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