Major Braccius Crispin

The handsome air cavalry officer dresses in simple riding leathers and commands respect from his fellow marines.


Within the narrow eyes of Korvosan society Braccius Crispin would not have climbed far. Born to a honorable family of millers you braccius spent his youth watching the famed Sable Marines patrol the harbor of Korvosa. He dreamed of flying astride a magnificent hippogriff, a black shield and silver lance in his hands. If not for his daring, bravery, and inborn ability to lead men his varisian blood would’ve halted his advancenment quickly. Regardless of his lineage Crispin rose quickly to the rank of Major and earned the command of Melfesh, Korvosas largest holding and forward garrison in defense of the state. With the recent turmoils in the wake of the King’s death and the Queens treachery, Major Crispin was looked to as the favorite of Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis to take command of the Sable Company as Commandant.

Upon the verge of greatness the heroic Marine was introduced to the Magnimarian noblewoman Cyrilla De Boer. Quickly taken by her coy demeanor and seemingly impeccable manner with the nobility of Melfesh, Braccius planned to ask for her hand. She was reportedly quite wealthy and had a voice in Magnimars Council of Ushers, two qualities that would help Major Crispins bid for Commandant. Fate however, had more insidious designs…

Invited for a short pleasure cruise by his betrotheds retinue the young officer wass set upon by undead ghouls and the now unmasked Cyrilla, a vicious Green Hag. Her hideous touch sapping his strength and the paralysis of the ghouls claws and foul bite quickly overwhelmed him. Now a shriveled, enervated prisoner he was brought to a remote isle in an estuary of the Fenwall mountains. There his Hag captor tortured his body and mind as a grave touched sickness ravaged him. The Hag relished tormenting him, promising him death by her hands after she had forcibly taken his seed to breed herself a daughter. His terror grew even more when Cyrilla told him he was to be sacrificed in the ancient traditions of Varisia to a being thousands of years old in a great stone temple at the center of the swampy delta.

Major Braccius Crispin

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