Clef Rander

Who's the half elf rogue who the ladies say is never bogue? Clef! Your daaaamn right.


Clefander Rander
AC 18 Touch 15 Flat 13
Fort 3 Ref 7 Will 2
Melee: “Troll Sticker” plus 1 short sword +7, 1d6 plus 2
Daggers (six of ’em) plus 6 to hit, 1d4 plus 1
Sneak Attack 2d6

Ranged: “Kinda Hard to Pull” Composite Shortbow (Str +1) plus six to hit, 1d6 plus 1
Daggers, same six as mentioned above- six to hit, 1d4 to hurt
Str 13 Dex 19 Con 14 Int 17 Wis 12 Chr 16
BAB +2 CMB +3 CMD +17
SQ: Lowlight vision, Elf blood, Elven immunities (ha!) Trapsense +1,
Traits: Reactionary
Rogue Talent- Fast stealth

Skill Focus: Stealth
Weapon Finesse

Languages Savvied:
Common, Elven, Verisian, Dwarf, Orc


Clef and his cousin Myth left their home in Magnamar to avoid getting real jobs. They struck out with their heroes Grimsbane the ranger, Snaggar the Dwarven NPC, Grishnak the two handed half orc, and a cleric who won’t heal you. One troll cave later, Clef and Myth are the only ones left.
The Randers joined a dragon hunting group shortly afterwards, but they all sort of spontaneously disbanded for nor clear reason. The boys took a break from adventuring to rethink their goals. During this time Clef took a job as galley cook aboard a ship. He did this because he and Myth decided indoor living and eating food were good ideas. While Clef’s ship was out, it was attacked by a stupid water hag. Looks like Clef’s hiatus is over!

Clef Rander

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