Thorvin Silentread

Half Elf Monk


AC 19 Str14 Dex17 Con15 Int16 Wis20 Cha12 Fort5 Ref6 Will8 Shuriken lite xbow

Speed 40
HP 28
CMD 18

Acrobatics 12
Climb 8
Escape Arist 9
Knowledge History 9
Perception 13
Perform 7
Sense Motive 12
Stealth 9
Swim 8

Improved Grapple
Caught off Guard


Thorvin was a adventurer since he was a child. Thorvin has been blessed with bad luck, it always seems to search him out. He liked taking extended “trips” was not liked by his human mother. At the age of 15, Thorvin was taken to a monestary to learn some discipline. After a few years there, he was thrown out for sneaking out and drinking at taverns. One time at a tavern, there was a bum at the bar and a group of adventurers started a fight with him. With a gulp of an ale, the fight began. In a matter of moments, all five were on the ground in pain. He approached the fighter and turned out he was a monk of the drunken masters. Thorvin learned everything he could from him. He hasn’t mastered the art of drinking and fighting yet, but soon, the results will show themselves.

OK as for gear. Thorvin would like the belt of mighty constitution or the dwarven belt. Obviously he will need this to help with his drinking ability. A drunken master who cannot drink is a narc at a biker rally.

Boots of striding and springing would be helpful. Nothing like a drunk that can outrun most people. I want to be able to say, “I can run circles around you, and thats cause you’re spinning.”

The monks robes would also be useful. I don’t want to be the only one in town that looks unfashionable.

The necklace of Ki serenity is next on the list. More Ki points = good things

The last thing I would like, I cannot find. I would like, well basically, is an ever full mug. Basically I would like to speak a command word, and as a swift action it would fill with some sort of ale or some other alcoholic drink. I would like to also use this as a weapon.

Thorvin Silentread

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