LN Large Town
  • Corruption +2; modifies all Bluff checks made against city officials or guards and all Stealth checks made outside (but not inside buildings or underground)
  • Crime -2; modifier on Sense Motive checks to avoid being bluffed and to Sleight of Hand checks made to pick pockets.
  • Economy +3; modifier on all Craft, Perform, and Profession checks made to generate income.
  • Law +3; modifier applies on Intimidate checks made to force an opponent to act friendly, Diplomacy checks against government officials, or Diplomacy checks made to call on the city guard
  • Lore +1; modifier applies on Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Knowledge checks made using the city’s resources to do research when using a library.
  • Society -1; modifier applies on all Disguise checks, as well as on Diplomacy checks made to alter the attitude of any nongovernment official.

Government Overlord (currently Captain Marcellano Wintrish of the Korvosan Guard)
Population 2,100 (1,800 human [90% chelaxian, 9% varisian, 1% other], 200 dwarves, 100 other)


Base Value 3,200gp Purchase Limit 15,000gp Spellcasting 5th

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Districts of Melfesh

  • Dockside
  • The Stockyards
  • The Bridge & Barbican
  • Artisans Row
  • Dry Docks
  • Highside
  • Long road camp
  • Warehouse Row
  • The Flotilla


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